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Car on rent from Delhi to Nainital: Best places to visit in Nainital

Have you ever been to a place that offers every tourist’s desires in abundance? Am guessing your answer is a definitive no. What if we told you that Nainital adequately offers this? Nainital has it all – a beautiful emerald lake surrounded by evergreen hills, walking tracks, quaint old cottages, picturesque places to visit, unique shopping experience, religious and historical background, and so much more. Try out boating and sailing and set up picnic spots at the Lake City Nainital, located in Uttarakhand. We at Car on rent for Delhi to Nainital ensure your trip is smooth and comfortable as we boast of the best services and vehicles in the industry. Below are some of the best places to visit in Nainital. Have a look.

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Prime places to visit in Nainital

It should come as no surprise finding places in Nainital buzzing with tourists from all over the world. Nainital boasts of natural landmarks famous among tourists who are out there seeking peace and tranquillity. You may visit Nainital for personal reasons, but here is a list of the prime places to visit in Nainital. You wouldn’t want to miss them.

Gurney House

There is more to Nainital than the natural beauty, lakes and hills, and Gurney House depicts this. Get the chance to venture into the historical aspect of Nainital by visiting this famous place. It was the home of writer and hunter-conservationist Jim Corbett. Located near Nainital Lake, the house dates back to 1881. Delve deeper into the past and find relics all-around within the history buffs. Gurney House is well-maintained, and you will easily notice an old-world charm, ideal for tourists who seek to have a glance into the past.

Naina Devi Temple

Car on rent from Delhi to Nainital also takes you to this tourist hotspot. The temple is located next to the Tibetan Market, and it hardly goes unnoticed. Inside Naina Devi Temple, you will find the holy shrine, which houses the two netras – means two eyes, which represent Goddess Naina Devi. Legend has it that Goddess Sati’s eyes fell here when Lord Shiva was bringing the incinerated body of the Goddess.

Naina Devi Temple forms part of the 51 Shakti Peeths and holds the utmost significance for all its followers. Apart from its religious importance, non-religious people and/or atheists can make their way into the temple and get a glimpse of the mesmerizing sight of mountains surrounding the temple, and the expanse of Mallital. Do not miss the chance of visiting this magical place.

Naini Lake

Naini Lake is one of the top tourist attractions in Nainital. This place has it all. View the exquisite peaks of the seven mountains that stand majestically over the tranquil waters of Lake Naini. These mountains create an enchanting ambience, ideal for tourists seeking peace and tranquillity. The lake is located at the heart of the city, offering ample opportunities for visitors to try out boating and paddling. It is also the perfect spot to take a nature stroll, as you watch the sunset over the peaks of the mountains. The northern and southern ends of the lake are referred to as Mallital and Tallital respectively. If you are looking to live through an unforgettable experience, Naini Lake is the perfect destination for you.

Mall Road

Mall Road is in no doubt one of the most famous places to visit in Nainital. Get acclimatized to Nainital by taking a walk down this famous road. It is lined with many high-end shops, providing its own touristy charm. Shop for handmade candles, wooden handibars, and a host of other decorating items. Apart from the unique shopping experience, the lake flowing along the Mall Road and the sight of gigantic mountains watching from above as you take an evening stroll is one of the most exhilarating experience.

Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat)

Tiffin Top is located on top of Ayarpatta hill. Access the spot by taking a 4km hike from the city centre. It is one of the highest peaks of Nainital. Tiffin Top offers a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. On top of that, British Army Officer Col J.P Kellett DSO MC set up a picnic perch, made of stone, on Tiffin Top. The exercise was in memory of his wife Dorothy, who died due to septicaemia on board a ship and was buried at sea.

Snow Viewpoint

Get a glimpse of the snow-capped Himalayas from this point. The point is accessible via a cable car, which offers a thrilling experience. However, you can also reach the spot by taking an uphill walk. The walk is rewarding because you get to view the snow-clad summit of the Himalayas in the comfort of your own pace. The most common way of reaching Snow Point View is via a cable car or ropeway, but it is recommended you take a walk, for an even more gratifying experience.

Naina Peak

Located North of Mallital, Naina Peak is the highest peak of Nainital. Commonly referred to as China Peak, it is 2615m above sea level. Get sweeping and picturesque views of the enchanting surroundings, the whole district of Nainital and Lake Naina. The trek is 6km long, but it is worth your time.

Raj Bhavan (Governor’s House)

Raj Bhavan was built in 1899 and features the impressive Victorian Gothic architecture. It previously served as the home of the governor of North West Province. Later, it became the summer residence of Lieutenant Governor of the United Provinces. To gain access to this famous building, you have to obtain prior permission.


As depicted above, Nainital is in no doubt an ideal place to visit. We at Car on rent from Delhi to Nainital would like to accompany you as you travel around this magnificent place. Contact us any day, any time and rest assured of the best services in the market.

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