Car on rent from Delhi to Shimla
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Car on rent from Delhi to Shimla

Experience the beauty of Shimla -Car hire Delhi to Shimla

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A brief description of Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most visited places by tourists in India. Tourists prefer visiting during the summer when the weather is conducive for touring around. The Victorian architecture is a tourist favourite, and it is predominant in sections of the Ridge and the Mall. The pleasant climate of Shimla is perfect for couples and honeymooners looking for the ultimate retreat. Shimla is located approximately 2200 metres above sea level. Therefore, expect breath-taking views and landscapes. Although most people visit the place during the summer, you will still find tourists during autumn when it is not crowded.

Popular places to visit in Shimla when you choose car on rent from Delhi to Shimla

Shimla state museum

If you are eager to know about the history and cultural background of Shimla, then Shimla State Museum is the perfect place. The museum is built on Mount Pleasant, and it is one of the most pleasant places to visit in Shimla. Learn about the rich culture, sculptures, traditions and handicrafts which describe the city. The British architecture of the museum is exemplary.

Christ Church

When you visit Shimla, you not only get to experience nature’s beauty, but also the religious aspect. The Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in Shimla, making it a popular stop for tourists. It is the best place for tourists wishing to spend some time alone. The church’s architecture and design make it extremely beautiful. Visit the church in the morning and evening, during prayers for the best experience.

Car hire Delhi to Shimla
Christ Church

The Ridge

The ridge is right at the centre of Shimla. It is preferred by many tourists, because of the spectacular views of the mountains. It is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts. The ridge is spacious, and you can visit at any time of the day. However, it is advisable to tour during the day to get a breath-taking view of the mountains.

Car on rent from Delhi to Shimla
The Ridge

Johnnie’s Wax Museum

It is popularly referred to as the Madame Tussauds Museum of Shimla. It is one of the most visited places in Shimla, mostly by the rich and famous. As the name suggests, many statues are made of wax. They portray national and international celebrities. Get this unique experience with your friends.

Mall Road

Mall Road in Shimla needs no introduction. Shopping lovers and enthusiasts ensure they visit the place once they land in Shimla. There are a wide variety of items available at Mall Road, and they come at affordable prices. You will find tourists mingling with the local residents who are either selling or buying. If you need to get anything in Shimla, you will comfortably find it along Mall Road.

Mall Road Shimla
Mall Road


Are you passionate about sports and you are wondering where you will fill your thirst when you visit India? The Annandale in Shimla is the ultimate place for you. During the British rule in India, Annandale was designed to host a variety of sports including racing and golfing. After independence, the sports club was made available for all golf lovers, which is why it is a top tourist destination. The Annandale is perfect for visitors as they also get to enjoy picturesque views.

Summer Hills

The whole purpose of a trip is getting to enjoy nature at a whole new level. The greenery surrounding Summer Hills takes nature to a whole new level for tourists. The place is beautiful, with excellent natural views. Summer hill is one of the seven hills in Shimla. Tourists who visit this hill instantly fall in love with the calmness and beauty of the place. It is a perfect combination of natural elegance and peaceful surroundings.

Jakhoo hill

Another hill in Shimla. It is one of the highest points in the city. A beautifully made Jakhoo temple alongside the statue of Hanuman attract tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for peace and calmness, be sure to visit Jakhoo hill. As a precaution, beware of the monkeys around the hill. Although they are not harmful, they may distract you from getting the most out of your trip.


Kufri is no doubt one of the most visited places in Shimla. The mountain is covered with ice at the top providing spectacular views. There are also several adventurous activities to try out. Kufri stands at 2622 metres above sea level. The area surrounding the mountain once belonged to Nepal’s kingdom, but has grown over the years to become one of the most visited places in Shimla. The calm atmosphere and the picturesque location will leave long-lasting memories of Shimla.

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) is based in Shimla. It is a research institute set up by the Ministry of Education in India in 1964. It officially started operating from 20th October 1965. The original building housing the institute was the home of Lord Dufferin, Viceroy of India from 1884-1888. It was initially called Viceregal Lodge. After lord Dufferin, the lodge hosted the subsequent viceroys and governors-general of India. IIAS occupies Observatory Hill. The building is elegantly designed in Indo-Gothic style. Tourists tour this unique place to learn about the Indian Education system, culture, heritage and art.


Car on rent from Delhi to Shimla is the best transport you will get on the market. We guarantee your comfort and safety throughout the entire trip. We value your preferences and satisfaction, and we are committed to ensuring we deliver any day, anytime at any place. A visit to Shimla is worth every dime. Be sure to have a spectacular time all the time.

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